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Transformers Generations Autobot Heroes (Autobot Springer, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Sergeant Kup, Blurr)


(TFTM) Platinum Autobot Heroes Set - Springer, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Blurr in other sections:

Toy Gallery:

TFDB community photos:

Show Gallery:

G1 Show Pics

Other toy appearances (Springer):

• Universe Springer vs. Ratbat (Target exclusive) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Legends Autobot Springer (2009)
• Movie ROTF Robot Heroes Autobot Springer vs. Starscream (2009)

Other toy appearances (Arcee):

• Universe Robot Heroes Arcee vs. Decepticon Rumble (G1) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Arcee (2009)
• Movie ROTF Human Alliance Skids & Arcee (2009)

Other toy appearances (Ultra Magnus):

Other toy appearances (Kup):

Other toy appearances (Blurr):

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