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Home Planet: Cybertron
Base Planet: Speed

Galaxy Force name: プラー

First cartoon appearance: 
episode 3, several cameo appearances in vehicle mode...

Official character text from packaging... 

A former race champion, BLURR retired years ago and has since made a career coaching younger speedsters in the subtleties of racing. He is a tough teacher, with a gruff personality that often comes across as bad-tempered to those who don’t know him. Long-time students of his know, however, that his demanding temperament hides a gentle Spark. He is tough on those who come to him for training because he takes their successes and failures personally, and he requires no less of his students – and himself - than their best.

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This toy is actually an homage to the Generation One super-speedy Transformer Blurr. Blurr was introduced in 1986 in the original theatrical release of Transformers: the Movie and served under the command of Ultra Magnus and later Rodimus Prime. Blurr is the fastest Autobot known and was known for talking too fast for anyone to even understand what he was saying. Blurr also was in almost every episode of the Generation One TV series season three, and this is his first reincarnation into a modern Transformers toy line!

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