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Transformers Armada Powerlinx Red Alert w/ Longarm

Motto: "All life is precious."

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Bio: [From the Personal Files of Hot Shot, Autobot]  A while back, Prime told me that -many cycles ago, Red Alert was the loudest, most brazen Autobot warrior this side of Cybertron. He was literally one of the fiercest Autobots to ever pick up a blaster, a regular livewire.  Well, you'd never think it if you met the Red Alert of today. Don't get me wrong, Red's still as cool as the next 'bot.. . it's just that he's very-how should I put it -He reserved. He's calm and calculating to a fault, definitely not the type of 'bot to crack a joke or kick back to enjoy an Energon brew with the fellas. Nor is he the type to ever take a break. Chances are, if you run into Red Alert, you're going to run into him while he's working. Even when there's no one in the med bay, you'll find him in there working on new ways to repair damaged circuitry or upgrading one of the base's subsystems.  Prime says that Red's change in demeanor is due largely to an injury that he sustained in battle during his days as a full-fledged warrior with the Autobot army. I don't know what exactiy happened, but rumor has it that he was on the verge of terminal stasis lock for quite some time there and they weren't sure if he was ever going to make it through. Lucky for us, he did.

Weapons and Abilities: Given enough time, there's no wound that Red can't fix. Heck, one time I saw him patch up a gash in Optimus' chassis with a wad of bonding sealant and a couple of boits. And when slag hits the fan, that crazy wrist-mounted blaster of his comes in I pretty handy too, whipping up anything from a laser

Weaknesses:  Geez...1 guess a 'bot as smart as Red doesn't have too many weaknesses. He can pretty much figure his way out of anything. Still, more often than not, the others take offense to his reserved demeanor, usually mistaking it for ego or disdain. That's so not the case. Red just seems a bit more comfortable around his inventions is all. 



Allegiance: Mini-con
1st Cartoon Appearance: _
1st Comics Appearance: none in this color scheme
Other Appearances:  none other than original form

"Complacency does not compute."

Bio:  Longarm is a modified Mini-Con whom Red 8!m:t resuscitated from near-terminal stasis lock.  The new Longarm still retains the same goodnatured personality circuits and compulsions of the original, but his memory banks are now a biank slate. Possessing a logic-centric mentality, Longarm serves as Red Alert's "second brain." He is able to greatly enhance Red Alert's already impressive cognitive abilities during the Powerlink process, allowing the Autobot to "muiti-task" in the truest sense of the word. While Longarm is able to analyze and diagnose technical problems, Red Alert can simultaneously solve other issues or perform completely separate tasks. For example, while Red Alert is busy attending to one injured trooper, Longarm is able to simultaneously scan, identify, and diagnose the injuries of another. He can then upload the data directly to Red Alert, who's then fully prepped to treat tlhe wounded trooper without ever having seen the injury.

Weapons and Abilities: Besides additional analytical and cognitive abilities, Powerlinking with the highly intelligent Longarm also grants Red Alert access to various otlher physical enhancements. One such enhancement is the ability to generate and launch robotic stun discs from his chest. Developed by Longarm, tlhese energy-based projectiles were engineered to initiate a painless, instantaneous systems shutdown on contact, essentially immobilizing a target without causing it any significant bodily harm. Red Alert can also manipulate the discs like remote-controlled hovercrafts, transporting small items or even people.

Weaknesses:  Subject exhibits no outstanding physical weaknesses, but Longarm's lack of personal memories and experiences makes him wistful for a life he can no longer remember, leading to -.. momentary bouts of depression.

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