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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Treadshot

Function: Task Force Commander
Motto: Precision belongs to the wielder, not the weapon.
Alt mode: Sports Car
Weapon: Cual Sonic Accelerators, Pulse Demagnetizer

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Shattered Glass Treadshot:

Before the war, before the factions, there were only Cybertronians.  Treadshot and Ultra Magnus were both apprentices to Treble and Gain, the legendary weapons masters and the two students often competed in a friendly rivalry to prove who was the strongest and fastest.  When Ultra Magnus joined his brother Optimus Prime in causing rampant chaos, Treadshot knew he could not follow.  Instead during the second Cybertronian war when Megatron rose to lead an opposing army, Treadshot joined the Decepticons.  His decision was viewed by Ultra Magnus as the ultimate betrayal.  Their rivalry turned vicious.  Each time they met on the battlefield, both would attempt to finally end the feud by extinguishing the other.  Now with Ultra Magnus freed from his prison on Paradron, Treadshot must lead a Decepticon task force to bring his former friend to justice.  Treadshot carries dual sonic accelerators and a powerful pulse demagnetizer in honor of his former mentors.

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