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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Turbo Tracks

Function: Warrior
Motto: There was once a prophecy that there would emerge the greatest looking Autobot of all and his name would be TRACKS.
Alt mode: Corvette-like sports car
Weapon: heat seeking missiles, disrupter rifle

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TRACKS is simply the greatest thing in the Autobot army, at least that's how he sees it.  He dismisses those who think he is not the best looking Autobot of all time, calling them a bunch of "haters".  If you take enough time to admire his form, you will eventually learn to appreciate him as much as he appreciates himself.  However, to date this theory has yet to be proven.  One quality no Autobot will dispute is his bravery.  He is always willing to be one of the first to harge into battle with the goal of destroying more anemiesthan anyone else, all in an efort to prove how utterly amazing he truly is.  In vehicle mode he can achieve a maximum speed of 300 MPH.  If he needs to move faster he can transform into a flying car, allowing him to achieve sub-sonic speeds.  He is armed with two heat-seeking missile launchers and a weapon that disrupts the energy flow inside enemies causing unpredictable malfunctions, mos commonly the loss of sight.  Tracks greatest weakness is his tendency to admire himeelf in a reflection while in the midst of battle, making him an easy target.

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