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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Scrap Iron

Function: Junkion Hive
Motto: You have been deemed scrap. Your existence no longer matters.
Alt mode: Motorcycle

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Shattered Glass Scrap Iron:

The process of becoming one with the Hive is not something that most do willingly but is forced upon them by Wreck-Gar.  The conversion strips a Transformer of its ember, leaving all butthe faintest echo of its previous self.  Evil Autobot guards on the prison planet Paradron made excellent seeds for Junkion Type 001 feel a slight tinge of pleasure when in the midst of destruction.  Following the will of the Hive, Type 001 troops serve as front line warriors in battle.  The reel in seeing their four bladed axe rip an enemy to pieces.

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