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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus

Function: Usurper Warlord
Motto: Everything turns to tedium eventually. Everything save power.
Alt mode: Truck
Weapon: Terminus Blade

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Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus:

Ultra Magnus shouldn't be happy.  He lost his face and freedom due to a failed attempt to replace his brother OPTIMUS PRIME as leader of the Autobots.  His co-conspirators in the coup betrayed him.  His old rival, TREADSHOT, seeks his death with ceaseless vigor.  Magnus shouldn't be happy...  and yet he is.  Things are finally going to be exciting again.  After centuries of quietly manipulating events from his exile on Paradron, everything has fallen into place.  Now he has everything he needs: an army, the legendary Terminus Blade, a copy of his brother's newly-augmented body and the means to make everyone pay.

An unrepentant hedonist and libertine, Magnus eternally seeks greater thrills and excesses from life.  Now jaded and bored he finds his distractions where he can, whether it be in Treadshot's assination attmepts, in the humiliation of his brother, or in simple universal conquest.

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