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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Metalhawk

Function: Skyhammer Commander
Motto: Only through patience can victory be achieved
Alt mode: Jet
Weapon: Rocket Launchers

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Cool and calm, METALHAWK has earned his position as leaser of the Pretenders.  Refused to bow to any pressure by making rash decisions, METALHAWK believes in formality.  There is a way of doing things and he sticks to those methods without question.  During the war, he witnessed many commanders make snap judgments, causing them to lose their lives and those of the bots under their command.  Stationed aboard the Skyhammer above Japan, he has gained the respect of CROSSBLADES, VROOM and Skyhammer's pilot.  He is able to say the right thing to them in times of trouble, which usually results in them getting out of a tight situation.

METALHAWK serves as the liaison between Earthlings and the Autobots.  The nose of his jet mode can become a separate aerial drone while the two missile launchers can detach as individual weapons or join together to make a larger gun. 

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