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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass The Bard of Darkmount (Spraxus/Straxus)

Function: Poet/Playwright
Motto: The losses of war is cruel, crueler still if no one remembers.
Alt mode: Half-Track
Weapon: Sonic Cannon, Pick

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Shattered Glass The Bard of Darkmount (Spraxus/Straxus):

The bard of Darkmount is the most renowned poet and  playwright of Cybertron.  His masterpiece, 'Xal Unbound' is regarded as the turning point of philosophy and theater for Cybertronian kind.  When the war came, he withdrew to his home beyond Darkmount.  He did not interfere with the war and between worlds was breached that he stirred from his sanctuary.  His involvement in recent events is a baffling curiosity to most and a dire warning to the wise.  

The poet's sonic cannon shatters steel and his pick can lay even the most terrifying Dinobot low, but his voice is his true power.  His songs and poems dispel his allies' fears and crush his foes' morale.  He is full of joy and wit, to the point that rumors circulate he has supernatural insight that sets him beyond worldly concerns.

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* Spraxus also known as: Darkmount, Straxus

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