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Transformers Beast Wars 10th Predacon Tarantulus w/ "Spider's Game" DVD & Transmutate left leg


Tarantulas w/ "Spider's Game" DVD & Transmutate left leg in other sections:

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Predacon Tarantulus w/ "Spider's Game" DVD & Transmutate left leg:

Predacon Tarantulas is the very soul of treachery. As a Predacon spy, he had every intention of betraying and destroying Megatron when the time came, but now that he's been stranded on this stinking, mudball planet his agenda and ambition have grown. Access to the alien technology of the mysterious Vok has given him a taste of true power, which he will stop at nothing to claim all as his own.

Other toy appearances (Tarantulus):

* Tarantulus also known as: Tarantulas

Other toy appearances (Transmutate):

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