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It is far from obvious that inside the cheerful “Transmutate” lies a swirling maelstrom of destructive energies that could spell devastation for all those around her. While lesser robots would obsess over how they could use such power for their own personal gain, “Transmutate” focuses instead on the beauty of all she encounters. Even the mundane fills her with wonder. More then once she has removed panel overlays to study the intricate web of circuit pathways, memory buses, and diodes that make up its construction. Her interaction with other Maximals is no different, treating each new acquaintance like something to inspect. Even those often held in regard as "monsters" can bring her a moment of fascination.

TRANSMUTATE is a Deluxe sized figure and will be featured extensively in the 2014 TCC Magazine Club comic alongside RAMPAGE. The toy is packed in a convention style box with a foam insert for easy removal and display.

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