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Transformers Beast Wars 10th Rhinox w/ "The Spark" DVD & Transmutate rt leg/abdomen


Rhinox w/ Transmutate rt-leg & abdomen in other sections:

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Rhinox w/ "The Spark" DVD & Transmutate rt leg/abdomen:

Maximal second-in-command and chief science officer, Rhinox prefers to remain aboard the Axalon to engaging in battle, but that doesn't mean he can't fight. On the contrary, his triple-plated steel skin and wide array of medium range and hand-to-hand weapons make him dangerous to even the toughest opponent. There's a good reason Rhinox is the last line of Maximal defense, after the perimeter is breached and all weapons systems are offline - no one's ever got past him.

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Other toy appearances (Transmutate):

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