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Transformers Armada Powerlinx Jetfire w/ Powerlinx Comettor

Motto: "You can fall alone or fall together."

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Powerlinx Jetfire w/ Powerlinx Comettor:

Bio: Those who've seen Jetfire relax with the troops know that he can be as friendly and fun loving as any mechanoid currently functioning.  The problem is that those times are few and far between during a war. This forces Jetfire to maintain a professional but cold exterior most of the time, giving some the mistaken impression that he's all business and no heart. This stereotype bothers him, but he never lets it show. He's too concerned with defeating the Decepticons to let anything get in the way of doing his duty.  And he does that duty exceptionally well; his skill on the battlefield is matched by his exceptional organizational abilities, making him Optimus Prime's number-one choice for executive officer and second in command. Although Jetfire and Prime sometimes disagree about the best method to achieve their goals, they are always in agreement about getting the job done in the name of the Autobots and peace. 

[From the Troop Assessments of Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader]

There have certainly been times when Jetfire and I haven't seen optic sensor-to-optic sensor on a subject, and he doesn't hesitate to tell me so. ..regardless of how he thinks I might react. But Jetfire could never be considered insubordinate in these instances -He just speaks his mind when it comes to the best interests of our cause. For that reason alone, I value him as a trusted and objective adviser. He's one of the most courageous troopers we have, and it's my privilege to serve with him.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject has great strength, above-average endurance, and exceptional intelligence. He is a brilliant tactician and organizer, as well as a renowned warrior. Subject's keen skills of observation and genuine interest in his soldiers make him incredibly well versed in their strengths and weaknesses, giving him an impressive ability to select the best troops for any given mission.  His vehicle mode, chosen from the  mysterious schematics of ancient galactic shuttles, is capable of travel between distant solar systems. In robot mode, the power levels of his main laser can can 1 be boosted further by a direct Mini-Con powerlink. He has a defensive shield capable of deflecting energy and .physical attacks, and can also launch a small remote controlled land rover drone for reconnaissance missions. Subject is also capable of linking up to Optimus Prime, enhancing the Autobot leader's super mode with extra power and flight abilities.


Weaknesses: Subjeet's stocky build gives him considerable strength but also limits his agility in robot mode.



First Cartoon Appearance: 
Armada, episode _

First Comics Appearance:  
Dreamwave TF: Armada #18 (before Jetfire!)

Allegiance: Mini-con
'If you can't find what you're seeking inside, then look outside."


Bio:  Somber Comettor's sensors are always on the skies. Being stuck in one place too long doesn't suit him at all, no matter where he is. He needs to travel and explore, and he's happiest when he's doing just that. He had hoped that partnering with letfire, whose space travel capabilities are well known, would give him the chance to travel the universe and discover new worlds and new societies.  Unfortunately, those opportunities have been extremely limited during the Autobot/Decepticon war over the Mini-Cons. Although they'll occasionally have to travel to a new world, it's almost always due to some kind of Decepticon trouble, rarely giving the inquisitive Comettor the chance he desires to truly delve into unexplored planets and the mysteries they may hold.  Jetfire understands his partner's frustration-after all, the war keeps him from enjoying himself as well-but is concerned that Comettor's need to explore and stay on the move may have a darker cause: the MiniCon's overall uneasiness with himself. Despite this, Comettor is a brave and loyal warrior and friend to his Autobot partner.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject possesses above-average intelligence, but below-average physical abilities. He is an astute explorer with extensive scientific insights and technical knowledge. In vehicle mode, he is an effective all-terrain exploratory vehicle that can relay communications as far as 250,000 miles away; he can also act as Jetfire's front landing gear in this mode.

Weaknesses: [From the Personal Files of Jetfire, Autobot] Comettor's lack of self-confidence can make him downright depressing sometimes...which is usually when I have to send us on some mission to take his mind off himself. Because of his arms' configuration, he lacks the ability to manipulate small or intricate objects.

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* Jetfire also known as: Skyfire

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