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Base planet: Earth
Function: Executive officer, Commander of Autobot forces on Earth
Alternate mode: 
Military transport jet

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode # 1:Hidden // Cybertron episode #1: Fallen(character first appeared in Armada episode # 30:Tactician)  

Galaxy Force name: ドレッドロック (Dreadrock)

Cyber Key power:Afterburner blast attack

First comic appearance: None in this form


History: Jetire was responsible for protecting the skies of Earth against Starscream and Thundercracker. Jetfire went to the Sahara Desert and used his turbines to uncover a buried city. Jetfire led the team that went to the North Pole to investigate climactic changes caused when the first Cyber Planet Key was joined with the Omega Lock. When Optimus Prime was trapped in the ice by Starscream, Jetfire used the heat from his exhaust to melt the ice.


Official character text from packaging... 
This steadfast AUTOBOT is often annoyed by his hyperactive partner SCATTORSHOT, but he nonetheless takes his duties very seriously, and will follow through on his orders no matter what. JETFIRE has been assigned by OPTIMUS PRIME the difficult tasks of protecting Earth while keeping the AUTOBOT presence a secret and searching for the Earth Planet Key. JETFIRE would much rather be fighting in the front lines alongside his leader, but his strategic genius and status as the upstanding, honorable second-in-command of the AUTOBOTS make him an invaluable asset at the AUTOBOT base.


Cyber Key Code: uk97
Jetfire is a strategic genius, which is why Optimus Prime assigned him the difficult task of protecting Earth from the Decepticons while keeping the Autobot and Mini-Con presence on Earth a secret. Their mission on Earth is to search for Earth's Planet Key. Jetfire has chosen an alternate form that blends in better with Earth technology, but retains much of his speed and maneuverability. This is how he is able to challenge Starscream so well in the air. After the recent "Energon Battles" Jetfire took a break from his duties and visited the planet Nebulon. He came back invigorated for the next battle, hoping to be in the front lines of combat. He also came back with a heavy Nebulon accent, similar to Earth's Australian accent. Jetfire is annoyed by the hyperactive Autobot Scattorshot, but does not let that interfere with his responsibilities.


*Note: The planet Nebulon is not to be confused with the planet Nebulos (or is it?) and definitely not to be confused with Nucleon which caused the Action Masters to lose their transforming abilities.


Earth Planet: Now under the protection of Jetfire, Scattorshot and the other Autobots, Earth is a front line in the struggle for domination of the universe. With their home world of Cybertron under threat by the super giant black hole left by the destruction of Unicron, the Autobots and the Decepticons have secretly moved their bases of operation to Earth. 


With the help of Vector Prime, and a few humans that have discovered their presence on Earth, the Autobots must race against time and battle an unbelievably more powerful Megatron and his new army of Deceptions to recover the lost Planet keys, ancient artifacts missing for eons. What few realize is that this little planet called Earth has played a vital role in the history of Cybertron for millions of years.


Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Cybertron episode #9: Time - Uncovers city in Sahara.
*Cybertron episode #19: Ice - Leads team to North Pole.
*Cybertron episode #24: Invasion - Frees Optimus Prime.


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* Jetfire also known as: Skyfire

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