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Transformers Generation 1 Jetfire

Function: Air Guardian
Motto: Among the mysteries of science lies the key to victory.

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Text from "Transformers Universe" based on continuity Marvel Comics series

History (Jetfire - Marvel): Attempting to create an army of new Decepticons using the captured head of Optimus Prime, Shockwave built the body that would become Jetfire. Still without a consciousness, Jetfire was programmed to capture Buster Witwicky. Buster used the creation matrix to disassemble Jetfire and then reassemble him without the programming. At Buster's request, Optimus Prime used the matrix to give life to Jetfire.

Profile: With a reckless daring that comes from being the swiftest of all the Autobots, Jetfire is the most eager of his comrades to plunge into battle.  But his bravado is tempered by one overriding thought: he sincerely believes that victory over the Decepticons can only come through advancements in Autobot technology.  As the first of a new generation of Autobots such a credo is perhaps only natural.  Also, because he was created on Earth, Jetfire is one of the few Autobots who have no memory of his home planet.  His allegiance to his cause is matched only by his devotion to scientific research.

Abilities: In Jet fighter mode, Jetfire's unique swing wing design allows him to take off like a normal jet and then, pulling his wings back,  reach speeds of up to Mach 4.2.   Adding twin supersonic combustion ramjet engine modules along with twin liquid hydrogen fuel tanks allows  Jetfire to achieve orbital velocities, or to even escape Earth's gravity altogether.  With this capability, he can launch like a missile, shoot up above the atmosphere, and at a speed of Mach 29, dive down like a blazing meteor (hence his name) half a world away only 30 minutes later.  In robot and jet mode, he is equipped with four independently targetable particle beam cannons around his head and eight heat seeking armor-piercing missiles.

Weaknesses: Jetfire's range is limited by his fuel consumption; any trans-atmospheric trip requires his refueling when he lands.  Since he is newly constructed by the ark , he is prone to numerous mechanical failures as the bugs in his system are worked out.  Anything from a malfunctioning radio to an engine stall in deep space have been known to happen.


from Dreamwave TF: MTMTE
Profile: Science is his driving motivation, and his belief in its abilities is what makes him one of the most daring Autobots. His bravado is tempered by one overriding thought: he sincerely believes that victory over the Decepticons can only come through advancements in Autobot technology. He charges into battle, confident that his highly advanced airframe design will carry the day. The Decepticons, and Starscream in particular, are eager to hunt down and destroy him for trying to intrude on the aerial domain they consider their territory. He is bravely willing to accept their challenge, as he will allow nothing to harm his fellow Autobots or Earth. His allegiance to his cause is only matched by his devotion to scientific research.

Abilities: Subject is extremely intelligent, with extensive training in aerodynamics and weapons technology. He is one of the best flyers and pilots among the Autobots. In jet mode, can fly halfway around the world in 3.61 breems in the atmosphere. With his booster pack fully charged, subject can reach escape velocity and travel between planets. He is armed with two dual particle cannon turrets and heat-seeking proton missiles in this mode. In robot mode, he's one of the few Autobots who can fly. He is armed with a double-barreled particle cannon in this mode.

Weaknesses: Reliance on high technology leaves subject prone to the breakdown of his untested hardware.

History (Skyfire G1 cartoon series): A brilliant scientist on Cybertron, Skyfire embarked on a mission to investigate an unknown planet (Earth) with his friend and fellow scientist Starscream. A blizzard caused them to lose flight control and Skyfire slammed into the arctic and lost function. Starscream was able to regain control and searched for his comrade until he had to return to Cybertron. Millions of years later the Decepticons discover Skyfire and revive him. Skyfire joins the Decepticons, but soon realizes that Megatron has evil ambitions. He turns on the Decepticons and joins the Autobots.

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* Jetfire also known as: Skyfire

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