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Transformers Armada Wheeljack w/ Wind Sheer

Motto: WHEELJACK Allegiance: Decepticon Function: ? First Cartoon Appearance: First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave, TF:Armada #12 (one shot cameo appearance) "I am a high octane, road-eating monster!"

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Bio: At one time, you couldn't find a more faithful and good humored Autobot than Wheeljack. He believed in the cause, as well as the infallibility of his friends and comrades. Most of all, he trusted in his two best friends: Hotshot and Windsheer.  Wheeljack and Hot Shot had a deep bond and friendly rivalry, each trying to outdo the other's brash antics. Tragedy struck when a battlefield miscommunication left Wheeljack alone to die, believing Hot Shot had abandoned him. Found by the Decepticons, the disillusioned Wheel jack was quickly indoctrinated to their way of thinking. His anger and resentment grew into a full-fledged hatred of the Autobots and Hot Shot in particular, and Wheeljack became a dedicated Decepticon warrior. Biding his time, he waits for the day when he can reveal to Hot Shot that he's still alive and take his vengeance on his former friend. To eternally remind him of the betrayal that sent him on his dark road, Wheeljack wears a crossed-out Autobot symbol alongside his Decepticon badge.

Weapons and Abilities: Incredibly strong and intelligent, Subject was one of the most promising young Autobot warriors before his defection. Now he is among the greatest Decepticon fighters, skillfully wielding his two energy batons in battle against his former allies. In vehicle mode, he can reach speeds of 285 mph for a distance of 500 miles at a time.

Weaknesses: Subject's single-minded obsession with destroying Hot Shot has made him unable to enjoy his own life or focus on anything except for his path of revenge. This clouds his mind and makes his decision-making irrational at times. 


"If you strike at my friend, you strike at me."

First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave TF: Armada #18

Bio: Along with Wheel jack, Windsheer was once an idealistic young Autobot. The two were brave and dedicated warriors for the cause, until Wheeljack's perceived betrayal at the hands of Hot Shot.  Unable to accept his close friend's abandonment, Windsheer bitterly agreed to cross sides and fight alongside the Decepticons to get revenge. Although he has more visible doubts about the decision than Wheel jack, Windsheer is dedicated to standing by his friend regardless of the consequences.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject possesses average levels of strength and intelligence, but amazing aerial speed. His jet mode is specially designed to make it more effective at stealth and espionage missions, two areas that  Subject excels at.  In robot mode, each of his hands contains an energy blaster of mid-level strength.

Weaknesses: Subject's devotion to his friends makes him easy to take advantage of, but Wheeljack is always looking out to make sure his partner isn't being -.. manipulated by the other Decepticons.

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