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Transformers Armada Predacon w/ Sideburn and Skid-Z

Motto: "Free your inner beast from its mechanical cage."

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Predacon w/ Sideburn and Skid-Z:

Bio:  The mysterious Predacon is an unpopular member of the Decepticon cause. Overbearing and dramatic, he is regarded as something of a fanatic because of his unpopular views about the benefits of mixing organic tissue with standard Cybertronian robotics.  One of a rare breed of biomechanical Transformers, the impulsive Predacon eagerly shares his passionate views on the hidden power of flesh-based components to both willing and unwilling listeners in an attempt to convert more followers to his cause. Most Decepticons (and even Autobots) find the prospect of melding with organics to be disgusting, but this hasn't stopped Predacon from amassing a small but devoted following thanks to his talent for passionate rhetoric. However, even the inner circle of his small, cult-like following doesn't know the origins of the biomechanical technology they revere, and Predacon uses cryptic, flowery responses to evade questions about his long-term plans and goals.


Weapons and Abilities: A persuasive speaker, Subject is an intelligent and charismatic motivator as well as a physically powerful warrior. In his alternate mode, Subject is capable of activating vertical take-off-and-landing thrusters for flight capabilities; the thrusters can also be used in his other mode. In robot mode, Subject wields an electrified tail whip/cannon with deadly precision. He also has two shoulder-mounted machine guns (which can also be used in his alternate mode, where they act as his arms).


Weaknesses:  Although highly resistant to damage, Subject's biological components take longer to repair than his mechanical segments. His devotion to his beliefs sometimes blinds Subject to the consequences of his actions. 



Allegiance: Mini-con
1st Cartoon Appearance: none
1st Comics Appearance: none

"You can't catch somethin --or someone 
--you don't know."

Bio:  Side Burn is a nervous wreck, living his life on borrowed time. He's convinced that his partner, Predacon, will eventually realize that the Mini-Con is actually a double agent. Recruited by concerned Autobots to keep tabs on Predacon's small but zealous sect, the cocky Side Burn gladly agreed to the assignment, always eager to test his impressive undercover skills.  After arranging to become one of Predacon's partners, Side Burn was immediately struck by the strength of the Decepticon's will and frightened by how far he was willing to go to achieve his goals. Sensing the imminent danger, Side Burn hopes only to discover Predacon's plans before the Decepticon discovers the Mini-Con's deception and true allegiance.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is a talented infiltrator, spy, and undercover operative. He survives by his wits, never revealing too much about himself to those around him. Despite his lack of strength, his speed and street smarts make him a capable opponent in combat. In vehicle mode, he can reach speeds of up to 140 mph for a distance of 300 miles before requiring refueling.

Weaknesses:  As is the case with his current assignment, Subject sometimes overestimates his ability to cope with the dangers that arise during undercover work. He can usually keep his cool when things get tense, but it takes a toll on his mental health.



Allegiance: Mini-con
1st Cartoon Appearance: none
1st Comics Appearance: none

"If you don't belive, you don't belong."

Bio:  Skid-Z is one of Predacon's most loyal followers. Always considered an outcast and social misfit, Skid-Z was desperate for something to believe in and someone to accept him.  The impressionable Mini-Con finally found a welcoming home with Predacon once he accepted the energetic Decepticon's doctrine of organic superiority. Unfortunately, Skid-Z's bad luck continued true to form. Much to Skid-Z's dismay, he proved to be unsuitable for the organic grafting process, forcing him to remain wholly mechanical. Predacon still retains Skid-Z as one of his partners and values his loyalty, but Skid-Z knows that his Decepticon partner was disappointed. This situation has only reinforced Skid-Z's original feelings of insecurity and social ineptitude. He has become jealous and highly resentful of Predacon's other partner, Side Burn, who is suitable for the biomechanical grafting process but chooses not to undergo it.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject has average intelligence, but above-average strength for a Mini-Con. He is an adequate warrior and has undergone sharpshooter training. In vehicle mode, he can reach speeds of up to 150 mph for up to 250 miles at a time.

Weaknesses:  Subject lacks any real sense of self, making him easily influenced. His newfound belief in Predacon's dogma has made him dangerously unbalanced. He also has a tendency to skid out when trying to brake at higher speeds.

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* Sideburn also known as: Side Burn

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