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Powerlinx Hot Shot w/ Jolt:

Bio: [From the Personal Files of Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader]  Hot Shot is all "go" and very little "stop and think." Part of it may be because he's so determined to prove himself to me, Red Alert, and... well, everyone. The rest of it is because he's young, sometimes short-tempered, and definitely immature. Plainly, Hot Shot still has a lot to learn about himself and responsibility. There are times when he tries to take control in battle, and it just sounds.. .forced, like he's only doing it because he wants me to be impressed. Of course, that's not what impresses me about Hot Shot. It's the spontaneous times, when he suddenly offers a tactical suggestion or a helping hand to a wounded comrade on the battlefield, that show what Hot Shot is truly made of. He's not the strongest Autobot, and he's not the wisest... but he does embody our most important ideals: compassion and always striving to do our personal best no matter the odds. When it comes to that, Hot Shot can't be beat. When it comes to following orders, on the other hand...

Weapons and Abilities: Hot Shot has average strength and above-average intelligence. His vehicle mode's engine becomes a handgun in robot mode, and he also has an overhead missile launcher and flip-down targeting screen. His weapons are fairly weak, but he makes up for it with his incredible speed in both modes. Powerlinking with Jolt allows him to enhance his power, as well as activate two front-mounted claws to slash through obstacles.

Weaknesses:  Aside from his low firepower, Hot Shot's daring maneuvers in combat are blatantly reckless. He fights fearlessly, butv he just doesn't think about the consequences. 



Allegiance: Mini-con
1st Comics Appearance: none in this color scheme
Other Appearances:  none other than original form

"There's no "I" in team."

Bio:  Jolt's workload has been high ever since he took it upon himself to help Hot Shot mature and learn about teamwork. Trying to hammer home this message to the sometimes receptive, sometimes uninterested Autobot has been hard on the Mini-Con, but Jolt feels it's worth the effort. Like many, Jolt has experienced Hot Shot's selfless bravery on the battlefield, seeing the young mechanoid rescue endangered comrades and innocent humans with no regard for his own safety. Having witnessed these acts of bravery, Jolt is able to calmly put up with Hot Shot's difficult moments...
most of the time.

Weapons and Abilities: In vehicle mode, Subject becomes a turbo-powered helicopter. By attaching to Hot Shot at various points, Subject can grant the Autobot limited flight capabilities, super-speed, and the addition of frontmounted grabbing claws.

Weaknesses:  Subject's biggest weakness is his own partner; Hot Shot frequently takes chances in combat that endanger both of them, especially the more fragile Mini-Con.

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Other toy appearances (Hot Shot):

Other toy appearances (Jolt):

• Universe Hot Shot w/ Jolt (Armada) (2009)
• Movie ROTF FAB Electro Whip Jolt (2009)
• Movie ROTF Jolt (2009)
• Movie ROTF Robot Heroes Jolt vs Ravage (2009)
• Movie ROTF FAB Spark Blast Jolt (2010)

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