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Transformers Armada Air Military Team (Gunbarrel, Terradive and Thunderwing)


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GUNBARREL  - the four engine bomber jet
First Comic Appearance: None (other than MTMTE)

"Death from above."

Bio: "Likable" isn't a word that's often used to describe Gunbarrel. He's more likely to be described as difficult, domineering, or even intolerable. But his inability to deal with other beings on a personal level doesn't make him any less effective at his job leading the Air Military Team. All of his negative traits may make him hard to endure, but they also serve to make him a no­ nonsense, effective commander. Although he respects his teammates, Gunbarrel consistently has a hard time reigning in Terradive's boisterous antics. Finding great pride in his accomplishments, Gunbarrelloves to carve symbols into his armor to commemorate victories; he's even got his own motto seared into his arm! So far, his attempts to get his comrades to endure similar metallic tattooing have met with a lukewarm response.

Weapons and Abilities: Of the Air Military Team, Subject is the most intelligent and skilled at planning. He possesses a dogged determination and high tolerance for discomfort, which makes him willing to accept dangerous missions with potentially excruciating physical costs. He is the most heavily armed of the team, and his weapon mode is the most powerful of the three.

Weaknesses: Subject's weaponry is powerful, but his jets are known to cut out during strafing runs. They are particularly vulnerable to jamming due to airborne particles or other environmental effects.


TERRADIVE - the black and purple fighter jet
Allegiance: Mini-Con
First Cartoon/Comic Appearance: None

"Going down but never out."

Bio: Terradive gets endless entertainment from his aerial mode. He enjoys buzzing over ground-bound beings while laughing maniacally, even if he isn't under orders to attack. Terradive just gets a kick out of being able to fly, and he takes advantage of it whenever he can. His comrades will often remind him to focus more of his energy on their actual missions, but they do find his upbeat, energetic attitude inspiring. Terradive's favorite battlefield tactic is to cut off his engines while diving at a target; he'll enjoy the feeling of freefall as he attacks and then reactivate his engines at the last second to pull up. No matter how many times he does it, this tactic still sparks his circuits and terrifies his teammates.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is the most adept combat pilot of the unit; he is capable of hairpin turns and maneuvers that are impossible for most airframes. His jet engines are the most powerful of the team.

Weaknesses: Subject's hard-flying maneuvers often leave him in need of maintenance. When performing his signature attack, his jets sometimes don't reactivate in time. This results in severe damage.



"No one hears the lightning until after it strikes!"

The business­ minded Thunderwing fully enjoys Gunbarrel's highly disciplined style of leadership. Thunderwing wants to be the best there is, and he's fully willing to work to achieve this goal. Stealth attacks have become his specialty--he works tirelessly to upgrade his anti­detection equipment and tactics, as well as his first-strike capabilities. Thanks to this, he's earned a fearsome reputation as a competent, silent spy and a formidable combatant. Thunderwing's most powerful weapon is his ability to strike when an opponent least expects it.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is the quietest in flight of the unit. He is skilled in reconnaissance, scouting, and stealth attacks.

Weaknesses: Subject is physically the most vulnerable of the team.

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