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Transformers Cybertron Hot Shot

Motto: "If I can win the race and save Cybertron, I'll be a hero!" (Episode 13)

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Hot Shot:

Alternate mode: 
Cybertronian Automobile
Planet Affiliation: Speed Weapon: grenade rifle

Galaxy Force name: 
エクシリオソ (Exillion)

Cyber Key power: Accelawings

First cartoon appearance:
Cybertron episode # 3
(which aired first in U.S.)
Cybertron episode #1: Fallen

1st comic appearance:  none

Character History: (-by Byrerprime) 
Hot Shot was sent along with Red Alert to Velocitron, the speed planet, to investigate the whereabouts of the Cyber Planet Key for that planet. A velocity junkie, Hot Shot was mesmerized by the race tracks and racing atmosphere of Velocitron. While looking for the Key, Hot Shot observed Ransack and Crumplezone attack two innocents ( Brakedown and Clocker). Hot Shot went against strict non-interference orders by defending the two helpless bots. Red Alert tried to tell Hot Shot he was wrong to interfere, but Hot Shot stood by his convictions. With Clocker's help, Hot Shot and Red Alert found Override. She was about to race Megatron when Hot Shot jumped into the race. It was only when Ransack and Crumplezone shot at him, that he lost the race. Again, Red Alert was adamant that Hot Shot was getting involved for the wrong reasons. When the rest of the Autobots arrived on Velocitron, they found Hot Shot being buried in a rockslide. They rescued him, but discovered that his body was in great need of repair. Hot Shot realized that his actions had jeopardized the mission and sank into a depression. Landmine had some very harsh words for him. Hot Shot began qualifying for the Great Race with the help of the Autobots. He was able to qualify for the race, but his systems were too fragile to continue. Coby helped by riding inside and controlling his computer system. Coby was able to fix a major problem on the fly. Hot Shot went on to win the Planet Cup, which was actually the Cyber Planet Key. Because of his selflessness towards Override, she joined the Autobots. Hot Shot was destroyed when Megatron received a new Cyber Key Power and blasted him, Red Alert and Scattorshot.

Official character text from packaging... 

A natural leader with a lot yet to learn, HOT SHOT often races straight into danger at top speed. He takes great pride in the fact that he’s the fastest AUTOBOT there is, but it isn’t until he gets to the Speed Planet that he learns the true meaning of velocity. Faced by the almost unbeatable OVERRIDE, HOT SHOT needs to learn a whole new way of thinking about acceleration before he can win the Great Race.


Profile: Hot Shot is a superbly skilled soldier with great leadership potential. No longer determined to prove  himself to leadership, he is more confident in his own abilities as a leader. He is trusted by Optimus Prime and Jetfire to make command decisions without following up on him. As a result, he is given more responsibility.

Abilities: He is one of the fastest Autobots, capable of great speed in both robot and vehicle modes. 

Weaknesses:  Perhaps it is the fact that he survived the many battles of Armada and Energon Wars which keeps him so confinfident in his own abilities.  He still charges into even the most dangerous situations without thinking of the consequences.  It is for this reason that Optimus Prime has paired him with the (perhaps a little too) cautios, Red Alert.

SPEED: 8.5

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