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Transformers Generation 1 Crosshairs with Pinpointer

Motto: “Don’t shoot until you see the wires in their eyes.”

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Profile: Crosshairs had a long career on Cybertron as the Autobots chief armory manager. He procured, maintained and supplied to his brethren the latest and most lethal weapons. But he grew more and more disgusted with himself as more and more Decepticons were consigned to the scrap-yard; the awful result of his labors. He reasoned there were better ways to use his time than stockpiling implements of death. He quit the weapons business and jointed the Autobot band led by Fortress Maximus. When Fortress Maximus renounced war, Crosshairs was one of the first to agree with him and one of the most vocal of his supporters. However, events on the planet Nebulos soon forced these Autobots to take up arms against the Decepticons again and Crosshairs grudgingly went along. Given his prior experience, he was appointed weapons supervisor by Fortress Maximus. He’s meticulous cautious –some would say overly cautious. Although he’s less than happy with his job, he’s very caring about it and mindful of his limited resources. He doesn’t like to waste ammo; he won’t take a shot unless he’s sure he can’t miss and encourages others to do the same. Pinpointer was a biomass-recycling engineer on Nebulous. As such, he shares his binary bonded partner Crosshairs concerns for the effiency and avoiding waste. He’s very businesslike and can be brief in his words to the point of appearing rude. But he is very reliable and an ideal Targetmaster.

Abilities: Pinpointer transforms into a dual rocket-propelled grenade launcher who can lock on a target in less than .0003 seconds but usually trusts crosshairs to tell him when to shoot. He can be fired by hand or mounted on and operated by crosshairs in vehicle mode. In vehicle mode Crosshairs has a maximum speed of 160mph and a range of 750 miles. He’s built for traversing very rough terrain and has superior durability.

Weaknesses: In weapons mode, Pinpointer often suffers from nausea and dizziness as a result of the exhaust fumes he inhales from his own grenade firings. This can severely reduce his accuracy. Crosshairs sometimes becomes emotionally overcome by the rampant destruction hye witnesses in battle, hampering his combat effectiveness.

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