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Transformers Generation 1 Hound

Function: Scout
Motto: "Observe everything, remember even more."
Alt mode: Army Jeep

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Profile: Hound would just as soon be sniffing around the Grand Canyon or Big Sur as he would a secret Decepticon base.  Perhaps more than any other Autobot, Hound takes pleasure in being on Earth.  Unlike his home planet, which is entirely composed of metal and machinery, he finds the natural wonders of Earth endlessly fascinating, and uses his topographical skills to store every sight he sees within his memory circuits.  Hound's bravery, fearlessness, and loyalty are unwavering, like any good advance scout.  But his secret desire is to be human.

Abilities: While in his jeep mode, Hound uses his turret gun to sweep over the landscape from horizon to horizon, like a radar scope, and with the help of internal 3 dimensional simulation circuitry, stores this information as a topographical map.  Error distortion is no more than one inch per 150 feet distance from point of data collection in robot mode, Hound's turret gun becomes an infrared radiation collector.  It can detect heat differentials as small as .02 degrees Centigrade, and he uses this ability in tracking machines as well as humans.  Hound's shoulder mounted hologram gun project 3 dimensional grid laser light images of terrain maps stored in his memory.  He sometimes also can use it to cast simple illusions.

Weaknesses: Hound's infrared tracking  ability can be countered by thermal interference.  High frequency electromagnetic waves can distort or completely destroy his map making ability.   Sophisticated manipulation of such waves can even result in the recording of false images within  his memory circuits.

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