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Transformers Generation 1 Springer

Function: Aerial Defense
Motto: Strength is more than physical.
Alt mode: Helicopter, Cybertronian Car

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Profile: Springer is a well liked, comrade in arms.  He follows orders well, is very loyal and dedicated to the Autobot cause.  Having played a major role in and having survived the Great War Springer is not only well liked but much respected by his peers.  He is a wise-cracking, easy-going, sharp-witted and somewhat caustic fighting Autobot.  He has an unfailing optimism and good humor with courage beyond reproach.  His willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends and the sake of his mission is among the many factors which make Springer a valuable part of the post-Great War era Autobot team.

Abilities: Springer has an incredible springing power, enabling him to cover distances by springing pogo stick-like, using the strength in his mighty legs.  In robot mode he carries a photon laser pistol and a steel saber, a transformed form of his helicopter blade, that can cut through concrete.  When he transforms, his auto mode is both fast and strong with the attributes of a battle tank and speed car combined.  In helicopter mode, his rotor blades are capable of producing giant wind funnels.

Weaknesses: Though his personality and wit get him through many difficult situations, Springer is not exceptionally strong nor does he possess tremendous firepower.

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