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Transformers Energon Arcee

Function: Warrior, Omnicon Leader (cartoon)
Motto: "I know only two speeds... fast and faster.”
Alt mode: Sport Bike
Weapon: Energon Bow

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Profile: Arcee is a fast and feisty young Omnicon. She is a dedicated warrior who has proven, time and again, that she can fight alongside the best of her Autobot teammates. Her skills with an Energon bow are unmatched. In vehicle mode, Arcee becomes a super fast sport bike and can outrun anyone who dares to challenge. Her loyalty to the Autobot cause is unquestionable, as strong as her will to fight, and as great as her tremendous speed. Although she is young and her rank is low, Optimus Prime already considers her to be one of his greatest warriors. The Omnicons are the result of Over-Run nurturing their potential (comics). Produced from a natural evolutionary step with new abilities. Evolved from Minicons? Autobots? Decepticons? Other Transformers? The cartoon is unclear as to the true origins as well.

Abilities: Skilled with the energon bow, which is constructed from her energon blaster and missile launcher. They can be used in either mode. Her sport bike mode is one of the fastest land vehicle modes of all Transformers. She also possesses an affinity with energon which has yet to be clarified. All Omnicons can harness raw energon into energon chips which can be used by Autobots for extra power or turned into special weapons for combat.

Weaknesses: A young leader, she often puts her team in dangerous situations. Her lack of strength can also be used against her.


Bibliography of significant appearances:

* Energon episode #22: Survival Instincts - First appearance, given command of the Omnicons by Optimus Prime

* Energon episode #34: Crash Course - Arcee and Mischa win the Autobot Grand Prix

* Energon comic #21 - First appearance

* Energon comic #25 - The Omnicons fight Snow Cat in the snow

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Some information compiled was from Transformers Energon Official Guidebook published by Reader's Digest Children's Books.

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Other toy appearances:

• Universe Robot Heroes Arcee vs. Decepticon Rumble (G1) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Arcee (2009)
• Movie ROTF Human Alliance Skids & Arcee (2009)
• Movie ROTF FAB Cyber Pursuit Arcee (2010)

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