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Transformers Cybertron Soundwave (with Laserbeak)

Motto: That’s just how we roll, dawg.

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Soundwave (with Laserbeak):

He is known by many names, though SOUNDWAVE is his most well-known one, and the one that inspires fear in AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON alike. One of the mightiest, most straightforward warriors from Planet X, SOUNDWAVE is nonetheless a devastatingly subtle plotter. He prefers not to stab his victims in the back only because he enjoys seeing the look of betrayal in their eyes. Highly skilled in the techniques of espionage, he never enters battle without the knowledge he needs to win. His companion LASERBEAK - equipped with a cloaking device – is able to infiltrate even the most well-guarded facilities.

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* Laserbeak also known as: Lazorbeak

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