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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Octopunch

Function: Amphibious Assault
Motto: Don't ask me, I just work here.
Alt mode: Hovercraft
Weapon: Positron-Torpedos

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Shattered Glass Octopunch:

Octopunch never really got the hang of this "war" thing, but it wasn't the fighting that confused him.  It was the passion everyone put into it.  To him, being a soldier just meant having a new job and when you have a job, you do it well.  Ask any Decepticon and they'll tell you, Octopunch is an average 'Con; he likes mechatecha-soccer, enjoys an energy-brew, and unlike most of his comrades, he has no major psychological hang-ups or eccentricities.

OCTOPUNCH wields a pair of positron-torpedo launchers capable of bringing titanium alloy to the boiling point ina single impact.  In vehicle mode, he can skim over the surface of any liquid or solid surface, though uneven terrain can hamper his movement.  Experimental rheanimum rust-proofing, originally intended to allow for unlimited underwater functionality, inadvertently rendered him immune to nanotech weapons, makng him an invaluable resource against the infectious Junkions.

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