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Transformers Armada Air Defense Team (Jetstorm, Sonar, Runway)

Motto: "We are the power of the sword."

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Air Defense Team (Jetstorm, Sonar, Runway):

Character profile text on from the Dreamwave comic, Transformers: Armada, MTMTE #1. 


JETSTORM - the clear blue and white concord jet...

Bio: Jetstorm's name implies a much more turb ulent personality than his outward behavior would suggest.  He is perhaps the most easy going of the ADT, but his agreeable nature and tendency to go along w/ whatever Runway and Sonar says leads many to believe that he's somoewhat slow.  This isn't so: jetstorm is just a very thoughtful and introspective mechanoid.  Of all the Air Defense Team, he harbors the most pentup anger against the Decepticons for the imprisonment of his people.  This deep rooted hostility might be why Jetstorm fears the team's combination and use as the Dark Saber -- he is afraid of unleashing his personal darkness and never regaining control.

Weapons and Abilities:  Like the rest of the ADT, Jetstorm transforms into a supersonic jet mode.  He is the strongest member of the team physically and the most aggressive flyer.  Subject combines w/ Runway and  Sonar to form the Star Saber

Weaknesses:  Subject's anger againstht eh Decepticons can lead him into direct conflict with much more powerful opponents; in these cases his relative weaknesses a mini-con can be a great liability.


RUNWAY - the mostly clear with silver, grey and red accents  fighter jet.
"Don't worry --let me explain the plan."

Bio: The loquacious Runway became the de facto leader of the Air Defense Team once they escaped from the clutches of the Decepticons on Cybertron, becoming the first and only Mini-con unit to escape from Megatron's prison camp.  Although he isn't fond of warfare o=r the responsibilities of leadership,  Runway rose to the challenge with admirable skill.  His planning allowed the Air Defense Team to construct the ship that ultimately took the majority of Mini-Con race off Cybertron.  Though Runway is proud of his daring efforts to save the Mini-con race, he secretly harbors great guilt that the escape ship his team built crashed on Earth, spreading the war to another world.  

Weapons and abilities:  Runway is quick-witted in battle and capable of planning and designing feats that border on genius if given enough time.  He transforms into a supersonic jet and can combine with jetstorm and Sonar to form the Stgar Saber

Weaknesses:  Runway's got a good core and his efforts on behalf of the Mini-cons can't be doubted.  But some of his ideas... well, let's just say they look better in the planning stage than in the execution!



SONAR: - the white and bluestealth bomber
"Even an ace pilot is only as good as his wingbot."

Bio:  Where Runway leads, Sonar follows.  Sonar's just as smart and capable as runway perhaps more so, according perhaps mmore so, according to some accounts -but he's perfectly willing to defer to hsi leader in most circumstances.  He's immensly grateful to Runway for arranging the trio's escape from the Decepticon prison camp; Sonar considers this an awesome dept that can never truly be repaid.  For this reason, he canb always be found backing up Runway in word and deed, especially on the battlefield

Weapons and Abilities:  subject is the most levelheaded of the trio.  He is intelligent and courageous, but doesn't assert himself too often.  HHe transforms into a supersonnic jet and combines with Jetstorm and Runway to form the Starsaber.  Subject has the most advansed sensor capabilities of the unit

Weaknesses:  His tendency to agree to what ever Runway suggestes, even when there's a flaw in the plan puts the Air Defrense Team at risk.


from the personal files of Hot Shot)  Can any one weapon really make that much of a difference in a war?  Maybe, if it's this one.  The Star Saber just might be the most powerful weapon in the universe... and it's definitely ly the most sought-after!  Even though it's made of three Mini-cons we already know pretty well -Runway, Sonar, and Jetstorm, the Mini-con Air Defense Team -none of us really know the full range of it's abilities yet.  There are some spooky legends that its power is enough to make or break worlds, but no one seems to get where those rumors started.  Even that junk pile jerk Megtatron, who forged the unwilling, captive Air Defense Team to combine into the fabled weapon, doesn't fully understand where the sword draws its power from or how.  What we do know is that those Transformers who use the Saber gain enhanced strength  and combat skill, making them even more powerful in battle than usual.  Depending on the willingness of the Saber's components and the aptitude of whoever's using it, the Star Saber seems to be able to call on some pretty fantastic powers that I still don't understand.  All I know is that I want to use it to stop the Decepticons!

The ADT is a really tight unit because of how their combination process works.  Now they routinely finish each other's sentenses and know what the others are thinking; this effect seems strongest right after they disassembled from saber mode and it tapers off afterward.

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