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Transformers Armada Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug

Function: Autobot Leader
Motto: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

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Bio:  [From the Personal Files of Sparkplug. Mini-Con] There aren't a lot of beings that can instill hope in a Mini-Con. Let's face it, we've kind of had it rough.  Captured, tortured, and used against our will as pawns in somebody else's war... it's easy to understand why most of us have a problem with trust-myself included. When you're on the run from two groups that each look at you as a glorified power battery, it pays to be a little wary about intentions. Sure, some can claim to have the Mini-Cons' best interests in mind, but then go ahead and take advantage of us for all we're worth. Ulterior motives like those aren't a worry when it comes to Optimus Prime--he really is as good as his word. It took me a while to fully trust him, but now I understand that Prime truly believes what he says, and says what he believes. Megatron treats Leader-I like his personal Mini-Con slave... but Prime just treats me like his partner. And that makes all the difference. Prime's attitude gives me hope that we can co-exist with the larger Cybertronians in a peaceful way.. .and that faith is why I'll do everything to convince the other Mini-Cons to fight on his side.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject is possibly the strongest and wisest of all the Autobots. His enhanced Powerlinking ability allows him to join with his trailer to form his "supermode." In this form, Subject is also able to bond with fellow Autobots Jetfire (who adds flight capabilities) and Overload, who enhances his firepower.

Weaknesses:  Subject exhibits no physical weaknesses, but his honesty and compassion can make him vulnerable to the Decepticons' unscrupulous tactics.


Allegiance: Mini-con
"Equality is more than physical."

Bio:  [from the personal  files of Optimus Prime} Sparkplug is a constant reminder of why the Autobots -myself  Included -must always strive to treat the Mini-Cons with respect. Despite his small size, he has all the qualities of a great leader, one who truly understands the needs of his people and struggles to meet them. In fact, although it sounds odd to say, I can only hope that Autobots like Hot Shot can eventually achieve the level of responsibility and maturity that Sparkplug already possesses.  Sparkplug speaks simply and without the flowery words of a politician (the use of which I've been told to cut back on more than once). He is very much a 'bot of the people, and I believe that's why the other Mini-Cons respond to his words. Even though he has a natural inclination toward leadership, he's still a bit young and naive, but these traits just make his sentiments seem even more sincere and genuine. I fear that I may have let him-and all the Mini-Cons----<down in the past, and I vow never to repeat that mistake.. .not just for the sake of my ideals, but for the sake of our friendship.

Weapons and Abilities:  Sparkplug is as intelligent as he is honest. He has a natural ability to relate to others and motivate them with his words, which is why he's become one of the most prominent Mini-Con leaders on Cybertron. Physically, his vehicie mode ;J has imposing speed, allowing him to reach ;/" a speed of 225 mph for a distance of 120 ~~. miles. He combines this swiftness with his quick thinking, making him a valuabie asset as a reconnaissance agent. Like most Mini-Cons, Sparkplug can increase a larger Transformer's abilities when Powerlinked, but he is actually capable of boosting power levels much higher than the average Mini-Con.

Weaknesses: In addition to the usual dangers Mini-Cons face when engaged in combat with larger beings, Sparkplug has to deal with being particularly sought-after by the Decepticons due to his enhanced Powerlinking capabilities.

"Bio, Weapons and Abilities, Weaknesses"... text seen on this page is from the Dreamwave comic, TF: Armada, More Than Meets the Eye.

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