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Transformers Beast Wars Sonar (Transmetal 2)


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Transformers Beast Wars Sonar (Transmetal 2) toy Transformers Beast Wars Sonar (Transmetal 2) toy        

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Sonar (Transmetal 2):

The Dangerous cloning experiments carried out by Megatron have created another powerful ally for the heroic Maximals: Sonar. Super acute senses provide matchless reconnaissance abilities, while bio-cyber elements allow unmatched strength and mobility. When combined with a fiery, almost uncontrollable aggression, Sonar makes a dangerous enemy and somewhat unpredictable ally. Much to his chagrin, Megatron has unintentionally created the finest early warning system ever to have existed -the maximal known as Sonar!

Strength: 4.6
Intelligence: 6.8
Speed: 6.5
Endurance: 5.5
Rank: 4.2
Courage: 6.8
Firepower: 4.5
Skill: 7.4

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