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Transformers Generation 1 Micromaster Race Car Patrol (Free Wheeler, Roadhammer, Swindler, Tailspin)

Function: Reconnaisance
Motto: In confusion there is opportunity.

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Micromaster Race Car Patrol (Free Wheeler, Roadhammer, Swindler, Tailspin):

Character Bios from package tech specs

The self-described "tiny terors of the turnpikes." This frantic foursome's primary role is to reconnaisance battle sites before the Autobots' big guns arrive. Fast and fearless. Don't mind mixing it up with any early-arriving Decepticons. A vital component in the Autobot ranks. Adept at using their superior maneuverability to harass the enemy.

"Unwary warriors soon become wrecks."

"Avoid the potholes on the road of life."

"Burn rubber, not energeon!"

"Put the pedal to the metal!"

Teamwork: 8
Cooperation: 9
Strength: 5
Endurance: 7
Speed: 5
Intelligence: 9
Courage: 8
Skill: 5

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