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Transformers Generation 1 Bristleback (Pretender Monster) Monstructor arm

Function: Ground Assault
Motto: You can't tell a Decepticon by its cover.

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Bristleback (Pretender Monster) Monstructor arm:

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

Bristleback is an angry, aggressive complainer who peppers his simple statements with foul language to make any point He's a natural bully, but his demeanor is made even more repellent by the fact that he didn't even become a Pretender by choice; susceptibility to rust forced him to adopt the shell to salve his condition and protect his armor. Even when he's perfectly healthy and locked in the shell, the constant irritation of thinking about his condition frustrates him, making him even meaner. He feels trapped by the shell and longs to function in some airless environment where his predilection for developing rust disease won't be an issue.

Subject has above-average strength and great endurance. His outer Pretender shell has thick armor that limits motion somewhat. In all modes, the spikes on Subject's back can emit a corrosive acid that can help them cut through materials on contact. Shell and inner robot are armed with a rapid-fire electrostatic pulse rifle that shorts out and can permanently damage enemy circuitry. Combines with fellow Pretender Monsters to form Monstructor.

Within his shell, Subject is exceptionally slaw and lacking in maneuverability. Outside his shell, any hint of humidity immediately has him developing a painful rust rash that can erode his armor.

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