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Transformers Generation 1 Overload (Micromaster)

Function: Troop Transport
Motto: Know your enemies and he's yours.

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Overload (Micromaster):

Character bio from package tech spec:

A bold and daring soldier. Often breaks away from cargo-hauling missions to join his fellow Autobots on the battlefield. A tactical genius on the front line. Trailer converts to turbo-boosted, supersonic fighter jet armed with wing-mounted, supersonic fighter jet armed with wing-mounted, double-barrelled machine guns. Laser-guided, lock-target scanners provide pinpoint firepower. Capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 2. Also equipped with hydrofoil capabilities.

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 7
Endurance: 8
Rank: 5
Courage: 8
Firepower: 7
Skill: 6

Other toy appearances:

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