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Transformers Generation 1 Birdbrain (Pretender Monster) Monstructor abdomen

Function: Anyone who is not a predator is considered prey.
Motto: Attack Trooper

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Birdbrain (Pretender Monster) Monstructor abdomen:

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses description is from The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, comic series published by Dreamwave Comics in 2003.

Birdbrain might be able to make use of his shell's attack capabilities to become a respected aerial warrior, if not for a hardvvare glitch in the outer armor. Utilizing his enhanced eyesight in the shell, Birdbrain responds to the "target locked" alarm with intensity, often flying out of the sun to fiercely attack... a rock outcropping. Since his sensors only work right 30% of the time, he's often found battling innocuous inanimate objects instead of his actual foes. Birdbrain hates the laughter that ensues so much that he actually avoids using his outer shell in combat. Many. of his comrades have taken to mocking him for sub-standard intelligence, even though he has no such disability. This infuriates Birdbrain, who is a competent and driven warrior outside of his Pretender shell.

Subject possesses slightly above-average strength and intelligence. His outer Pretender shell is designed for atmospheric flight on mid-level gravity worlds. The beak is powerful enough to cut an armored personnel carrier in two, and the talons can easily grip most foes and carry them in a vise-like grip. His shell's optic sensors have numerous enhancements, including the capability of locking onto a target Subject's size at a distance of 300 miles, target acquisition sensors based on threat level, and the ability to fire searing laser beams. Outside of the shell, Subject is armed with a double-barreled laser rifle. He combines with other the Pretender Monsters to form Monstructor.

Subject's target acquisition package in shell is faulty and frequently breaks down in spite of maintenance. It misidentifies threats and targets, greatly lowering Subject's ability in this mode.

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