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Transformers Generation 1 Micromaster Rescue Patrol (Fixit, Red Hot, Seawatch, Stakeout)

Function: Search and Rescue
Motto: True victory can only lie in the ability to locate and mend the injured.

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Micromaster Rescue Patrol (Fixit, Red Hot, Seawatch, Stakeout):

Character Bios from Package Art:

This fearless foursome braves the heaviest combat fire, on land and sea to perform their assigned tasks. Fully equipped to administer emergency aid under the most adverse conditions: SEAWATCH has over-the-horizon radar and towing capability, STAKEOUT has a state-of-the-art communications dashboard; FIXIT is outfitted with repair bay and life-function monitors: RED HOT contains fire-retardant chemical foam.

"Sometimes you must go outside the law to enforce it!"

"The worst wrecks are my best patients."

"Without freedom of the seas, there is no freedom!"

"The hotter things get, the better I like it!"

Teamwork: 9
Cooperation: 9
Strength: 5
Endurance: 6
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 8
Courage: 9
Skill: 8

Other toy appearances (Fixit):

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Other toy appearances (Stakeout):

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