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Dark Scorponok:

Home Planet: (Jungle) Beast

Alternate modes:
Cybertronian Scorpion-vehicle
& Combat Jet

1st toon appearance: none with this color scheme in TF: Cybertron series

First comic appearance: Collector Club Newsletter 3rd edition

Official character text from packaging... 
Awesomely powerful and incredibly intelligent, DARK SCORPONOK was once widely feared by DECEPTICONS and AUTOBOTS alike, until his chassis was destroyed by MEGATRON. His mind and memory shattered, only partially operational and powered by the might of UNICRON - some of which he managed to absorb - he hungers for a return to full functionality. Even in his partly destroyed state, his mech-venom sting and super-strong claws are a threat to all but the most powerful beings, and his return heralds a new era of fear for all who stand in his way.

Cyber Planet Key Code: u812
Dark Scorponok is a deadly and dangerous Transformer that is almost impossible to destroy. The reason being is that he's already dead!!! After his Spark was partly extinguished during the Energon Battles, Scorponok vowed vengeance on both the Autobots AND the Decepticons. Using the remaining powers of his Spark and channeling some of Unicron's Dark Powers, Dark Scorponok traveled through the galaxy, searching for a way to revive his shattered and broken soul. He eventually ended up on the Jungle Planet where his monstrous and bug-like scorpion mode was put to use as a powerhouse bodyguard by the ruthless Scourge!


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