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I believe, that much of the skepticism which met Transformers Animated by fans was simply because it was SOdifferent from the live action movie fans had grown accustomed to seeing in the previous year.  But it didn't take much more than the introductory movie to win most fans over.  So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Click HERE to read our own review comprised before the show aired.  ClickHERE to read fan reaction on the days that followed the movie's initial airing on Cartoon Network, December 26, 2007.

Listed Below, find episode descriptions as provided us by Cartoon Network Dept. of Public Relations.  WARNING: SPOILERS contained within!

Transformers Animated Special (movie):"Transform and Roll Out" Discussion and photo gallery: part 1part 2part 3 – OPTIMUS PRIME and his small crew of AUTOBOTS come into possession of the ALLSPARK, a powerful Cybertronian artifact that attracts the attention of their long-forgotten enemies the DECEPTICONS and sends them crashing to a strange and distant planet known as Earth.  Note: some sites and publications consider the introductory movie episodes 1, 2 and 3.  For the sake of simplicity, we're considering it separate and couting episodes that follow starting with episode 1.

episode 1, original air date Jan 5, 2008 
“ Home Is Where the Spark Is
– The AUTOBOTS settle into their new home base, an abandoned automobile manufacturing plant, but the ancient assembly line machinery seems to have developed a mind of its own.

episode 2, original air date: Feb 9, 2008
“ Total Meltdown – A bio-engineering genius experiments with some hydraulic fluid from Bumblebee and accidentally morphs himself into MELTDOWN, whose corrosive touch can melt anything, including AUTOBOTS.

episode 3, original air date: Jan 12, 2008
“Blast From the Past” – Professor Sumdac upgrades a trio of animatronic dinosaurs from a local theme park, but the creatures develop minds of their own and become rampaging DINOBOTS, bent on destroying the AUTOBOTS.

episode 4, “ Thrill of the Hunt – While AUTOBOTS encounter a mysterious muscle car creating havoc in Detroit, RATCHET keeps flashing back to his “tour of duty” in the Great AUTOBOT-DECEPTICON Wars.

5.) Nanosec – BUMBLEBEE calls himself the “fastest thing on wheels” and this self proclaimed title is threatened by NANOSEC, a super speedster crook on a deadly mission that could destroy all of Detroit.

6.) Along Came a Spider – BUMBLEBEE and BULKHEAD experience their first Halloween which becomes spookier when they encounter a giant spider that turns out to be the deadly DECEPTICON BLACKARACHNIA.

7.) Sound and Fury – Sari’s new toy musical robot seems to have an evil streak and the ability to control other machines, but BULKHEAD is the only one who sees it.

8.) “ Lost and Found – The AUTOBOTS clash with DECEPTICONS LUGNUT and BLITZWING, who come to Earth searching for their missing leader MEGATRON.

9.) “ Survival of the Fittest – Sari is kidnapped, and the evidence points to the DINOBOTS. So PROWL and BULKHEAD head to a mysterious island to investigate with a highly suspicious Captain Fanzone on their tail.

10.) “ Headmaster – A disgruntled Sumdac employee seeks revenge and profit by taking control of one of the AUTOBOTS and sending him on a rampage.

11.) “ Nature Calls – PROWL, BUMBLEBEE and Sari get more than the bargained for when they head out to the remote woods to investigate a mysterious energy signal.

12.) “ Megatron Rising, Part 1 – OPTIMUS PRIME begins to doubt his leadership abilities as the DECEPTICONS mobilize for a big invasion of Earth.

13.) “ Megatron Rising, Part 2 – The AUTOBOTS are decimated by the DECEPTICON invasion, but still must rally to prevent the ALLSPARK from falling into their clutches.

"Season 2"
14.) The Elite Guard: Optimus Prime and his band of Autobots are taken off the job when the Cybertron Elite Guard, led by Ultra Magnus, comes to Earth looking for the AllSpark.

15.) Return of the Headmaster: Optimus is forced to team up with Sentinel Prime in order to defeat the Headmaster.

16.) Mission Accomplished: Unaware of the Decepticon activity, the Elite Guard take Optimus Prime and the Autobots back to Cybertron.

17.)  Garbage In, Garbage Out An allspark fragment creates, "some new kind of Autobot" out of a heap of garbage!  Guest Stars Wierd Al Yankovich as Wreck-Gar

18.) Velocity:  Bumblebee competes against the a mysterious blue race car in an underground racing competition.

19.) Rise of the Constructicons: When another fragement of the AllSpark brings two construction vehicles to life, Bulkhead becomes fast friends. However, the Decepticons have other plans in mind.

20.) A Fistful of Energon Prowl goes after Starscream when he escapes from the custody of the Elite Guard. However, he receives competition from Lockdown when Megatron

21.) S.U.V. Society of Ultimate Villainy:  A group of human super villains team-up and are presented with a new opportunity when they happen upon a new get-away car.  Guest Stars: Frank Willard as Swindle

22.)  Autoboot Camp While pursuing a presumed Autobot traitor, Bumblebee reflects back upon the time he spent with Bulkhead in the Autobot Boot Camp, making new friends and ememies.  But is the traitor been correctly identified?

23.  Black Friday:  The google eyed Dinobots help break MeltDown out of jail to assist Blackarachnia purge her body of its organic spider components.

24. Sari, No One's Home:  Sari has to defend the Autobot home base from invading Constructicons.

25.  A Bridge Too Close, part 1
26.  A Bridge Too Close, part 2
Megatron completes his space bridge to Cybertron as he plots to transport his Decepticon troops, and reclaim their homeworld.  These two-part season finale episodes feature many twists, surprises, new characters and amazing fight scenes!

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