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Transformers Titanium Ultra Magnus - G1 (6")


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Ultra Magnus - G1 (6"):

No AUTOBOT is more pure a soldier than ULTRA MAGNUS. He is a supreme battlefield commander who combines an encyclopedic knowledge of pure tactics with a talent for improvisation that allows him instant and total control over almost any combat situation. When other AUTOBOTS look at the tide of battle and see a lost cause, he displays a sixth sense for knowing what chances to take and when to pull victory from the certain jaws of defeat. Only rarely do his guesses prove wrong. He is a brave, capable warrior with no interests outside of his command, and no will or desire except victory for the AUTOBOTS.

It is for these reasons and many others that OPTIMUS PRIME chose him as commander of AUTOBOT City on Earth, and as the next bearer of the Matrix. He only hopes that he might prove to be half the leader OPTIMUS PRIME was. With CYBERTRON falling under the shadow of UNICRON, and the DECEPTICONS turned into an unstoppable tide of destruction by their new leader GALVATRON, surely now is the darkest hour for the AUTOBOTS.

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