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Transformers Titanium Ultra Magnus - War Within (6")


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Ultra Magnus - War Within (6"):

No commander could ask for a finer soldier than ULTRA MAGNUS. He is a total soldier - highly intelligent and deadly dangerous, but with a fervent desire for peace and a willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of a cause or his fellow AUTOBOTS.

The death of Sentinel Prime sent him into a tailspin. Certainly the AUTOBOTS hadn't been winning the war, but the pace of their losses had slowed. The hope of a rally was just over the horizon when MEGATRON pulled the AUTOBOT leader's spark core from his ruined body. To hear that Optronix had been passed the mantle of leadership - made OPTIMUS PRIME - was simply another, greater shock. The archivist?

ULTRA MAGNUS is on the other side of CYBERTRON, literally a world away from his new leader. As the DECEPTICONS continue slaughtering their way around the globe, he and his men wait for word from OPTIMUS PRIME, hoping that the new leader proves equal to the challenge of the diabolical will to conquest of MEGATRON.


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