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Transformers Armada Sideswipe w/ Nightbeat

Motto: "With aggressive precision I will speed toward victory."

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Bio: [From the Troop Assessments of Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader]

As his motto implies, Side Swipe is trying very hard to act like a capable, mature warrior. The trouble is, he's one of the few Autobots who's younger and more immature than even Hot Shot!  He's also less experienced, which is why I think that having Hot Shot take Side Swipe under his wing might be the best way to handle both of their problems.  These two young Autobots have their potential, but they also have no lack of shortcomings:  Hot Shot's impatience and occasional disrespectful attitude, and Side Swipe's rash actions and overly enthusiastic hero worship. I think that together they can help each other truly see their own weaknesses and improve upon them.  Right now, Side Swipe needs all the help he can get. ..I know he means well, but trying too hard can lead to more problems than it solves. I hope that they'll one day learn enough from each other to stand together like brothers among the ranks of the greatest Autobot warriors.

Weapons and Abilities: I fully expect Side Swipe's skill set to grow with time, but for now he only has average strength and intelligence. His speed and endurance are respectable, as is his courage. With more training, I feel confident that he'll become an even greater warrior, but for now...

Weaknesses: Side Swipe's still very green, which makes him a liability on the battlefield. I just hope that assigning Hot Shot to tutor him doesn't turn into the blind leading the blind!


"Never trying means never succeeding."

First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave TF: Armada #18

Bio: Nightbeat knows that he's small, even for a Mini-Con, but that doesn't stop him from trying to perform feats of bravery befitting much larger and more powerful warriors.  In his own innocent way, Nightbeat leads Side Swipe into even more trouble by egging him on to try increasingly daring acts to impress their superiors. Prodded by the insistent Nightbeat, Side Swipe has landed himself in a series of embarrassing and often dangerous situations. Nightbeat can't help it-the ambitious, good-natUred Mini-Con wants to be as much of a hero as the biggest Autobots, and he's willing to take any risk to achieve that goal. Side Swipe really identifies with his Mini-Con's need for approval and acceptance, and the two have gotten into more trouble together than any other Autobot recruits in recent memory. Their well-meaning but irritating antics have even led Optimus Prime to consider separating the duo, much to their dismay.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject possesses below-average strength, speed, and endurance. Despite his meager physical attributes, his courage and creativity in the face of danger are boundless.

Weaknesses: Subject is also limited by his arm configuration, which makes it impossible for him to grasp objects or perform actions requiring delicate - motor functions.

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* Sideswipe also known as: Side Swipe

Other toy appearances (Nightbeat):

* Nightbeat also known as: Night Beat

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