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Transformers Armada Galvatron w/ Clench

Motto: "I am the icon of destruction!"

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Bio: [Recovered from the Memory Tracks of leader-I, Mini-Con]   I hated Megatron with a passion. He always treated me more like a slave -or, even worse, a nonliving attachment--than an equal partner. He was an abusive egomaniac and by far the worst thing to ever happen to all Mini-Cons everywhere. But, despite all his bragging and power, he always needed me. Even when he demeaned my suggestions or treated me like a rust rash, I still got some satisfaction from knowing that deep down he recognized that he was more powerful with me than without me. That unspoken knowledge was the closest I ever came to feeling a bond with Megatron, and it made the humiliation and suffering he inflicted on me almost bearable. It was the one thing I was secure in, and the only thing I could count on him for. Then...he became Galvatron. And if anyone tells you that only the name and some colors have changed, they're dead wrong. Because while I sensed that Megatron silently and grudgingly accepted his own limits, Galvatron is devoid of those boundaries. His increased strength has only amplified his craving for even more power, not to mention the speed at which he needs it. Anything that can't keep up, like me, is just garbage to be tossed aside and forgotten in favor of newer, more powerful Mini-Cons and weapons. All the worst aspects of Megatron's personality are still there, but Galvatron has lost the last traces of attachment and remorse to become the ultimate utilitarian. He's willing to sacrifice allies, civilians, and even whole worlds to get the boost he needs for his goals of conquest and dominance.

Weapons and Abilities:  Galvatron's unamplified strength and endurance are beyond even Megatron's Mini-Con-enhanced peak. He's just as intelligent as he was before, but now he's become even more expert in cruelly manipulating circumstances and beings to serve his ends. As a vehicle, Galvatron's powerful cannon can fire energy blasts as well as explosive shells, and he's got an additional flip-up missile launcher. He has numerous anti-personnel weapons on him for mowing down foot soldiers or capturing Mini-Cons; these include front-mounted pincers and side-mounted claw traps.
As a robot he uses the tank cannon as his main weapon, plus he's got a secret Energon-powered blade hidden in his left wrist for hand-to-hand combat.

Weaknesses:  Galvatron's lust for power is his greatest weakness, as he'll charge into danger based on the slightest hint he might be able to enhance his abilities. Because he's so strong now, Galvatron is also quicker to forfeit his comrades, thinking he doesn't need them. This will leave him alone and defenseless when he needs help the most... I hope.



Bio:  Following Megatron's transition to Galvatron, Clench took over Leader-I 's duties as the Decepticon leader's primary Mini-Con.  When the powered-up Galvatron found himself dissatisfied with the power boost that Leader-I could provide, he dismissed his tiny partner in no uncertain terms and embarked on a quest to possess the most powerful Mini-Con for his own personal use. Finding nothing he deemed worthy, Galvatron decided to forge the ultimate Mini-Con out of existing parts donated by unwilling victims. The striking physical similarity to Leader-I has led many to wonder if Galvatron initially selected Clench for upgrading because the new Mini-Con was genetically related to the Decepticon leader's former partner. Leader-I refuses to confirm if Clench is his brother, but it is obvious that being replaced by his identical tWin has only enhanced his misery. The aggressive Clench is utterly loyal to Galvatron and lives only to serve his master's needs; he's so grateful for his amazingly powerful body that he devoted himself to the Decepticon cause. He has no sympathy for his fellow Mini-Cons, and considers himself to be a new and superior breed of robot. Clench even tries to boss around larger Decepticons, confident that their fear of him and Galvatron will keep him safe.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is one of the physically most powerful Mini-Cons. In his vehicle mode, he has two independently targeting machine gun cannons that can track multiple targets simultaneously. He can also transform into a powerful handgun form useable by Galvatron.

Weaknesses:  Athough powerful among Mini-Cons, Subject ;often forgets that he is still weak compared to the . average Aucobot and Decepticon. This makes his tendency to pick fights a liability, especially when Galvatron decides he's outlived his usefulness.


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• Timelines Generation 2: Redux boxset - Clench (2010)

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