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Sea Team (Oceanglide, Waterlog, and Stormcloud):

"These small few know the triumph of vicious intent."

Mini-Con Air Military Team:  Bio... text on courtesy of Dreamwave Comics, TF: A MTMTE #1.

Bio: This seafaring poet achieved leadership of the Sea Team by being the sharpest of the trio, despite his occasionally garbled syntax and nonsensical limericks. It's just that Oceanglide gets so full of inspiration when he gazes over a beautiful aquatic panorama that he can't hold it in or keep his thoughts straight. This makes his work lively and unique, if not always easily understandable. This endearing, slightly bumbling side of him exists in stark contrast to his ruthless ways when commanding his unit in battle. Having been manipulated and persecuted like most Mini-Cons during the A/D war, the Sea Team gladly allied itself with the D's in order to take control of their own destinies. Under the tutelage of Tidal Wave, the vicious Decepticon marauder of space and the sea, Oceanglide has become a cutthroat warrior. Some wonder how he reconciles his sensitive, sometimes deeply moving poetry w/ his callousness on the battlefield, but Oceanglide decided it was better to take control of his destiny for the wrong side than be forever manipulated while on the right.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject has above-average strength and armor, as well as great intelligence. Regarded as deeply artistic, he is also an excellent naval commander and warrior. In both modes, his primary weapon is a dual-purpose projectile that can function as a surface-to-air missile or a torpedo. He is the most fuel efficient of the Sea Team, due in large part to the twin solar power collectors on his arms. He can use the panels as shields to defend himself in hand-to-hand combat, or to absorb the power of energy attacks. When fully charged, the pane is can emit a high-powered heat beam capable of melting solid steel.

Weaknesses: A breathtaking view can stop Subject in his tracks, even in the middle of a battle. His boat mode's underbody is susceptible to corrosion when a high level of chloride ions is present in the water. 


"There's no warning before I roll in."

BIO: For Stormcloud, the sharp tang of the ocean is the smell of home. He finds endless pleasure in being the fastest member of the Sea Team, and leaps at any opportunity to demonstrate his speedregardless of his orders. After countless years of being mistreated along with the other MiniCons, Stormcloud couldn't be happier with his current position of power alongside Tidal Wave and the Decepticons. He rarely misses a chance to take advantage of being one of the most-feared pirates in the galaxy, as his many randomly chosen victims can attest. Going from a maltreated peon to a powerful warrior has made Stormcloud an uncaring monster, a fact that is not lost on his friend Ocean glide during the latter's more introspective moments.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject possesses above-average strength and incredible speed. He is by far the fastest of the Sea Team when in the water, able to move in at lightning speed and strike without warning thanks to his stealthy engine. His ability to get in and out fast and unnoticed has made him the team's expert in covert demolitions operations. His cannon mode's main weapon is a sonic missiie launcher that can strike accurately from up to 8 miles away. Subject also uses the cannon as an overhead launcher in robot mode.

Weaknesses: If the tables are turned and Subject is forced to go on the defensive against superior forces, he can slip back into his old, cowardly mentality. After such an episode, the embarrassed Subject tries to prove his worth by doubling his efforts to torment the defenseless victims of his piracy. 


"Whether it's land or sea, there I be, matey."

The most versatile combatant of the Sea Team, Waterlog is the only one whose rugged vehicle mode can travel as easily on land as the water. While Waterlog is mentally and physically the slowest of the team, he's still the most competent warrior of the trio. He's an old-style pirate in the truest sense; he despises "landlubbers" and believes that "dead 'bots tell no tales." He obsessively scours the waterways and spaceways for Energon or other valuables that he can use to enhance the team's power and their standing with their Decepticon cohorts. Tough and remorseless, Waterlog still bears the emotional scars of the days when the Sea Team was bullied and mistreated by larger Transformers.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject is the strongest member of the team, with the most artillery resistant armor plating.  His vehicle mode is capable of travel over most terrain, although its speed is decreased considerably on land. His main weapon in both modes is his powerful ion torpedo, which is guided by an advanced scanner system utilizing a combination of radar, infrared, and sonar technologies.

Weaknesses: While having no outstanding physical weaknesses, Subject does have some psychological problems. If cornered by multiple foes, he sometimes suffers flashbacks that trigger an intense, violent rage. This usually becomes more detrimental for his attackers than for the subject.

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* Stormcloud also known as: Storm Cloud

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