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Transformers Beast Wars Waspinator

Function: Aerial Attack
Weapon: Quasar Rifle (hand-held), "Stinger" Missiles (Wing Mounted), Cybertronic Beam (Eyes)

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The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio. It's from a draft of Dec. 1995, before the first show aired...

Name: WASPINATOR, Aerial Combat and Recon

Beast Form: Giant Wasp (Flyer)

Robotic Form: Tan, Yellow, Green Humanoid

Weaponry: Quasar Rifle (hand-held), "Stinger" Missiles (Wing Mounted), Cybertronic Beam (Eyes)

Skills: Flight, Speed, Astro-Navigation, Aerial Combat, Computer.

Interests/Hobbies: Waspinator likes two things, to fly and to eat sugar. Anything sweet drives him wild.

Attitude: You might think of Waspinator as something of a fop. He is convinced he is the most superior of the Predacons because of his flight ability and doesn't hesitate to express this. He doesn't really care that Megatron commands the Predacons because it is only as matter of time before he is chosen leader. He respects the power of his fellow Predacons but doesn't fear it the way Terrorsaur does.

Waspinator's drawback is that he is easily distracted, flighty one might say. He has a laid back attitude toward the Beast Wars, he sees the necessity of it all but doesn't think he personally needs to be involved all that much.

He is nevertheless a formidable foe, fighting with a good deal more finesse and speed than Terrorsaur. He is also somewhat courageous for a Predacon and gets quite outraged when a Maximal dares confront him.


Waspinator does what Megatron tells him to, at least until he is out of sight. Then he is as likely to stop off at a fruit tree for a sugar hit as he is to complete his mission. However he knows how dangerous Megatron is and always has a convincing story for him.

Waspinator continues to let Terrorsaur think they are allies but this does not stop him from making cutting remarks about the Pterodactyl.

Scorponok is too dense for Waspinator to waste any of his valuable time on. Waspinator is about the only one who is not spooked by Tarantulas, since he considers him inferior. Nevertheless he doesn't spend much time in the spider's vicinity.


Character profile from packaging Tech Specs:

Like a rattle snake's tail before an attack, a chilling sound buzzes in the distance as if to forecast approaching danger. Suddenly from the sky the giant wasp appears, revealing its monstrous face and bulging eyes as it streaks down for an aerial attack! The Waspinator launches its secret wing missiles, striking the helpless victims below with the poisonous power of a robotic cyber sting!

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