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Transformers Beast Wars Rhinox

Function: Defense
Alt mode: Rhinocerous

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The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio. It's from a draft of Dec. 1995, before the first show aired...

Name: RHINOX, Defensive Specialist
Beast Form: A green Rhino with two horns.
Robotic Form: Green Humanoid
Weaponry: Sword, Mace (both hand-held, they rotate in his hands via a hidden motor), Chest lasers.

Skills: Fortifications, Melee Combat, Acute Sense of Smell, Charge (Special Combat Skill) and Equipment Repair

Interests/Hobbies: Botany, Horticulture, Philosophy, Science.

Attitude: Rhinox is easily the equal of Optimus in power but is employed mainly in a defensive mode (simply because he generally moves too slowly to get into the front lines). This is fine and dandy with the Maximals, for once Rhinox digs in with his whirling sword and mace in hand there is no one who can get by him. Rhinox is also expert at finding the weak spots in any fortification.


Rhinox's chief attribute is his slowness. Whether in beast or Robot form, Rhinox moves slowly and talks carefully, in a deep rich voice reminiscent of Tone Loc. Ask him how he likes the weather and you could wait an hour as he considers his answer. This doesn't mean he is stupid, indeed he is one of the smartest of the Maximals and his knowledge of science and botany often come in handy. What it does mean is Rhinox lives life at his own pace. He is also something of a philosopher, with his own twist: "In my experience, that which does not destroy you is probably reloading for another shot."

Rhinox is at heart a quiet and peaceful soul. He loves flowers, a good long mud bath and contemplation of the mysteries of life. Despite his ponderous size he has the skills of a fine Swiss watchmaker and often hunkers down on his rear, sitting at a worktable with tiny multi-lensed glasses perched on his massive snout, trying to repair some vital piece of long-damaged equipment. Rhinox' front feet are capable of independent transformation into robot hands for this these tasks.

Like Optimus he would rather not be fighting the Beast Wars and in this they are very much kindred spirits.

Rhinox is terribly near-sighted in Beast Form (something we can use for Magoo-like gags), but this is corrected in Robotic form. In either form he has an amazing sense of smell and can detect Predacons and other life forms within 500 yards.

Rhinox's peaceful nature makes him tolerant of all sentient beings, even DinoBot and the Predacons. He would like to be friends with everyone but he knows this is not possible. Rhinox loves a good joke (though it will take him awhile to work up to a belly laugh) and this is part of the basis for his unique relationship with Rattrap. Though 99% of the time, Rhinox is a placid character, he does on occasion get mad (e.g. when Rattrap is in jeopardy).

At these times, the Maximals steer clear of him, lest he go into his devastating charge mode. This is a head-down rush which almost nothing can withstand. It's about the only time Rhinox moves quickly and woe the Predacon who winds up in his path when this happens in battle.


Rhinox's relation with Optimus is one of friendship and mutual respect. They often have quiet (and deep) talks together.

As for DinoBot, well Rhinox would like to be his friend but he is put off by DinoBot's savage nature and his constant conflict with Rattrap.

Cheetor is just too fast for Rhinox. He likes him but can seldom get him to stop long enough for them to connect. He has a hard time understanding Cheetor's fast-paced and slang-ridden speech.

Rattrap is Rhinox's best buddy. They have a comic Abbott and Costello relationship and Rhinox will go to any length to help Rattrap. As a consequence Rhinox often finds himself aiding Rattrap in one of his schemes, usually to a bad end. He loves Rattrap's jokes and often dissolves (slowly) into laughter when they are together.

From Package Tech Specs:
The ground shakes with a terrible thunder as jungle trees snap like twigs. The noise draws closer in a cloud of dust & dirt. A herd of stampeding elephants? No, it is Rhinox, defending his territory from Predacon attackers! Courageous & cunning, he has never backed down from battle, nor been injured in any way. Not even double barreled laser cannons can cut through his triple thick, steel-plated skin! If he comes your way, run for cover ...fast!

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