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Transformers Beast Wars Rattrap

Function: Spy
Motto: Be a straight shooter and your friends and enemies will respect ya.
Alt mode: prehistoric jungle rat, a predecessor of the Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)

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Japanese Beast Wars name: ラットル Rattle
First Cartoon Appearance: Beast Wars, Part 1, episode 1
First Comic Appearance: Botcon 1997 exclusive comic, in a more offical capacity: Dreamwave, TF: Armada #16, seen with Tigatron in alternate time/dimension portal

The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio. It's from a draft of Dec. 1995, before the first show aired...

Name: RATTRAP, Spy, Infiltrator, thief
Beast Form: A 5' Grey and Brown Rat
Robotic Form: Brown and Grey Humanoid

Weaponry: Fusion Rifle (handheld), Stasis Beams (fired from chest plate)

Skills: Stealth, Marksmanship, Computer, Infravision, Traps (Set and Detect), Demolitions, Sixth Sense, Acute Hearing, Gambling

Interests/Hobbies: Jazz (all periods), Loot (in whatever form), Cheese, Gambling.

Attitude: Rattrap is the smallest of the Maximals and the least powerful but he more than makes up for this by his ability to sneak in and out of places and gather vital information. He is not one to rush to the front lines, preferring to take his enemies from ambush. A master of sneaky, clever fighting, he is also the most independent of the team, often venturing out on his own to carry out some crazy plan.

Rattrap is a wise guy in every sense of the word. He likes to crack jokes ("so these two Predacons go into a bar") and tease others, especially DinoBot. Think of him as kind of a Bud Abbot.

Rattrap is most at home in dark, grungy places and his eating habits could gag a maggot. He can see in the dark quite well and has very sharp hearing.

Rattrap is also very smart in a street-wise sense. He has been around, seen a lot and knows what he is doing. Optimus generally considers him second in command, Rattrap has a natural aversion to authority and wants no such title. He would actually make quite a good leader and sometimes he may very well usurp that role from Optimus especially if his hide is at stake.

Rattrap prefers to work alone and be alone. The single exception to this is Rhinox, who is Costello to Rattrap's Abbot. Rattrap loves the big guy for some reason and he is the only one of the Maximals Rattrap would risk his life for.

Make no mistake, Rattrap is a hero and how much of one may very well play a part in the mystery of Beast Wars.

Optimus thinks Rattrap is a huge pain in the butt sometimes but he is invaluable in the struggle against Predacons. They are more allies than friends.

DinoBot hates the rat! He would love to chew his head off and roll it around on his tongue. Rattrap feels the same way about DinoBot. He doesn't trust him at all and thinks Optimus made a big mistake teaming up with him. His favorite sport is sending DinoBot into a blind rage with his sharp tongue (usually counting on Rhinox to get in the way).

Cheetor is kind of like a little brother to him, at least when he wants to con him into something. The kid never gets his jokes and his singing makes him nervous. Besides he is a cat!

Rhinox is his best pal. This does not mean Rattrap won't drop him in a pit if there is some profit or cheese in it but at least he'll try and get him out later.

Strength: 6.0
Intelligence: 7.0
Speed: 8.0
Endurance: 5.0
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 8.0
Firepower: 6.0
Skill: 7.0

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Beast Wars: Rattrap played a pivotal role in nearly every episode of the Beast Wars.  His comic wit and combat prowess were an integral role in many many scenes.  He was heavily featured in episodes:
3. The Web, rescuing Cheetor from Tarantulas lair and not 'snitching to Optimus about there little excursion.
5. Chain of Command: Rattrap becomes the Maximal Commander following Optimus Primal's alien abduction.
6. Power Surge: Optimus Primal trusts Rattrap and his 'demolition expert' skills to take out Terrorsaur and his floating island of Energon.  Despite many obstacles, he succeeds.
8. Double Jeopardy: Rattrap pretends to betray the Maximals in order to infiltrate the Predacon base and determine how they have gained an advantage and neutralize the threat.
11. A Better Mousetrap:  Following the construction and implementation of the Maximals new security system, "Sentinel",  a feud between Rattrap and Dinobot leads to a malfunction.  The Maximals are driven out of their own base, it's up to Rattrap to break in and shut it down.

Rattrap also plays a major role in many subsequent shows throughout the first season, including Other Voices, parts 1 and 2...

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