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Transformers Beast Wars Insecticon

Function: Surveillance
Motto: Information is the currency that buys power.
Alt mode: Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)
Weapon: Crossbow

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Japanese Beast Wars Name: >クワガイガー Kuwagaigar

Profile: Insecticon likes to hide in quiet to think. He contemplates the meaning of life and wishes he were able to leave the Beast Wars. He has recurring flashbacks of his life on Cybertron, before joining the crew of the Axalon in stasis. He wishes he could go back to that life that he sees in short memory spurts. He can see a laboratory where he worked. He sees parts of a presentation he gave to the Maximal Imperium, but does not know what it was about. He can almost remember his real name. He hates the name Magmatron gave him, it seems very demeaning. Insecticon reluctantly joined Magmatron's Predacons in order to get back to his homeworld, where he desperately wants to be. He is easily coerced by the higher ranking Predacons to spy on the Maximals. He believes the lies that the Predacons tell him, that he can never become like he once was, that he would never be accepted by the Maximals. He likes to stay out of sight and spy on the Maximals. He will retrieve any secret information. Passwords, countermeasures and locks are useless when Insecticon is on duty. Anything Insecticon can't avoid with his flying or crawling abilities, he can use technical expertise to work around. He is deadly accurate with his crossbow, although he usually uses it for stringing network cables or setting tripwires. He is unsure if he could ever use it as a weapon, even in self-defense. Insecticon constantly struggles with his reprogramming as a result of his stasis pod being activated by the Predacons. He intends to join the Maximals, but his unfortunate loyalty keeps him from doing so.

Abilities: Antennae contain sonar for tracking. He also has internal beacon which can transmit low frequency signals without detection.

Weaknesses: Insecticon is often preoccupied with thoughts of Cybertron. He has to be forced to perform his missions.

Intelligence: 7
Speed: 5
Endurance: 5
Rank: 5
Courage: 4
Firepower: 6
Skill: 5

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Beast Wars: The Gathering #1: (assumed) Stasis pod on prehistoric Earth awakened and chronal phase realigned by Razorbeast.

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