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Transformers Generation 1 Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster, with Full-Barrel & Overflow)

Motto: Speed and power are the driving forces of victory.

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Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster, with Full-Barrel & Overflow):

Character profile from tech spec:

Keeps the peace on land and in the air! Full-Barrel and Overflow use their overpowering size to rumble to victory over any Decepticon adversary. Highly mobile, stock-piled to the MAX with energon defense armaments, including twing wing tip rocket launchers, pivoting high intensity heat lasers and dual concussion mortars. Non-oxygenized, vacuum-sealed cybernetic computer system controls all on-bopard weapons and energy output. Provides safety for Autobots under attack. Utilizing the Micromaster Combiner feature, tractor trailer separates to form to aerial defense crafts, then they combine to produce sub-orbital space station!

Full-Barrel is the blue and grey front half of the truck. Overflow turns into a box on wheels... the back half!

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