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Micromaster Cannon Transport (Cement-Head and Terror-Tread)


Transformers Generation 1 Micromaster Cannon Transport (combiner transport - Cement-Head & Terror-Tread)

Function: Demolitions
Motto: We aim for nothing less than total victory

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Micromaster Cannon Transport (combiner transport - Cement-Head & Terror-Tread):

The essence of Decepticon evil. Moves twin turret, high impact canon into prime position to unleash earth crunching firepower. Able to change into all-terrain micro vehicle, ultra-force battle platform or tow battle-ready micro robots. Micromaster Combiner mode allows for fast-attack capabilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art, cybernetic scanner that detects Autobot troop movements up to 20 miles away. Commanded by Cement-Head and Terror-Tread two swaggering braggarts who enjoy trashing enemy installations.

Cement-Head is the front half of the blue-grey dump truck. Terror-Tread forms the back half.

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