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Transformers Generation 1 Hubcap

Function: Communications
Motto: Weapons can win battles, but words can win wars.
Alt mode: Compact Car

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Profile: Hubcap has everybody's friendship but nobody's trust.  Hubcap is Affable, witty, generous and charming but deep down a con artist.  And many of his fellow Autobot's know it, having been coned a few times themselves!  Anything from a getting himself a little extra energeon to swindling his way to be the first to get to try out one of Perceptor's new gizmo's like a prototype laser blaster.  Hubcap is living proof of the Cybertronian adage, "you can't tell an Autobot by its finish."

Abilities: Hubcap's head module equipment receives AM and FM radio, shortwave, UHF and VHF television signals as weak as 0.000001 watts.  Maximum speed of 90 mph with a 1,000 mile range.

Weaknesses: Hubcap lacks size, strength & firepower so he makes up for it with intellect.  While he's often successful, his con jobs are typically much more successful on his more trusting fellow Autobots than Decepticons.


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