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Transformers Generation 1 Wheelie

Function: Survivalist
Motto: Only the fierce shall survive.
Alt mode: Cybertronian Race Car
Weapon: Rhyme

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Profile: Wheelie is the "wild boy" of Quintessa -an Autobot-like youth lost when his ship went down over their twisted planet.  He is the only survivor of his party, staying alive by cunning, stealth and fearlessness.  He speaks with a shrill voice in odd, rhyming sentences.  He despises the Sharkticons and Quintessons, who are his mortal enemies.  He is a staunch friend to the Dinobots who take to him immediately, and a reliable ally in difficulties for Hot Rod and Kup when they take on the Sharkticons.  After the events of TF:TM, Wheelie also befriends Daniel, the son of Spike Witlickey and embarks on many adventures with him until his death.

Abilities: He fights only when he's under attack and has to defend himself.  When he is forced into conflict or battle, he uses a three bladed knife and a sling which hurls fire stones.

Weaknesses: Wheelie is to Transformers fans what Jar Jar Binks is to Star Wars fans (see: www.jarjarmustdie.com)!  As odd and annoying as he was in TF: The Movie, he got even worse in his G1:TF season 3 appearances, with odd silly rhyming dialect that spurns all sorts of animosity from Transfans!  So it's safe to say, that Wheelie's biggest weakness (in addition to his odd and ugly looking robot mode toy) is being SO annoying that fans took his fate into their own hands in the BotCon 2001 Comic!

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Other toy appearances:

• Universe Legends Autobot Wheelie (2009)
• Movie ROTF Autobot Wheelie (2009)
• Movie ROTF Legends Autobot Wheelie (2009)

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