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STARSCREAM hasn’t survived this long simply by running away every time he might lose a fight. Every retreat is a calculated risk, designed to fulfill a greater purpose. It is often when his enemies believe they are winning that STARSCREAM turns and finishes them off. AUTOBOT enemies will think twice before they mess with this incredible STARSCREAM figure! This robot-to-vehicle warrior figure has the strength and weapons to prevail in all of your adventures. His null-ray blaster will not only give him the edge in any battle, it glows like there’s Energon flowing through it! What he can’t do with his blaster, he’ll do with his missile pod! His null-ray blaster converts to a missile pod in fighter jet mode, so he has the right weapon to be a huge threat no matter what mode he’s in. Keep converting him from robot mode to fighter jet mode and back, so he can handle whatever his AUTOBOT opponents dish out!

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